Front Page Ltd.

Having gotten to the stage where there are now a relatively sizeable amount of posts in this blog, instead of letting it follow its instinct and displaying the posts in a wall of text, i’m instead going to have a main, introductory page, of which this is the first iteration.

I don’t know if I have any kind of a regular viewing audience, but if there is thank you very much for continuing to read an increasingly random selection of reviews, and the rants to which I will probably be adding more in the near future. To anyone looking at this page for the first time, congratulations; you are now hopelessly lost on the internet. If you’ve come here looking for something, I hope you find it.

To anyone unaware of the kind of content to expect, it’s a mixed bag of rants on whatever I particularly feel rantastic about, and reviews. I started off doing reviews of games, mostly self indulgently, however I’ve decided to branch out further into reviewing films as well. I need to make that Film Studies A level worthwhile somehow.

I would strongly encourage anyone reading this blog to post comments, to at least let me know that you’re out there you strange strange people, but also to know whether i’m making an incredibly flawed decision. Whilst monstrous egos flourish on the internet like furr on a fermenting strawberry, i’m very capable of reacting pleasantly to constructive criticism.

I hope that someone somewhere finds something here at all useful,
Good night and good luck.


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